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Founded by Tylene Braswell and Nadia Romero, oshun swim carefully constructs swimwear to allow it’s wearers to feel confident, empowered, and eager to show off their uniqueness. With an emphasis on quality, style, and authenticity, our swimwear is meticulously designed to highlight our favorite parts of ourselves and instill confidence to help us stand out- because after all, our individuality is our greatest gift!

Quality– We believe that luxury is the standard. In order for you to feel your best, we understand we have to provide the best. That’s why we have hand selected the best fabrics, designs, and team to provide the best products we can. We control every aspect of our products, design our own patterns and silhouettes, and work with manufactures with over 25 years of experience in providing the highest quality garments.

Style- We understand the importance of looking good to feel good! Each collection is designed by us to ensure that we deliver unique styles that cannot be found anywhere else.

Authenticity- We want to celebrate our customers’ differences and uniqueness. This is why we hand craft our designs to make you feel your best in and outside of your bathing suit. From start to finish, we create our suits with the same level of thought, care, and crazy that we encourage all of our customers to pour into themselves.


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